Little kids table

Little kids table

For the long term
health of
your child.

A natural progression from baby food

How would you feel if there is a delicious lunch option for children
that allows you to make the most of daily life worry-free?

We make healthy infant food designed to support
the steady development of your child's tastes towards adulthood.
Our carefully prepared meals raise the "energy to live" of children
by using fresh, seasonal ingredients and seasonings with no additives,
pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.
This means that, as a mother you can be certain
that all of your wishes for your child's eating pleasures are taken care of.

Natural, Japanese food can form a staple part of a diet
that will help the body to grow fast.

Our mission is to help parents to nurture
their children through peaceful heart and healthy body
by supporting a carefully planned daily eating habit.

Infant food nurtures a healthy diet for life.

Immature children are more sensitive to changes in nature than adults, especially since their tastes are still in the developmental stage. Children can cultivate their 'awareness of taste of the ingredients' by experiencing natural flavors early. For that reason, we recommend a light-tasting infant food that brings out the "umami" (natural taste of the ingredients) to children up to lower elementary students (6 - 8 years old).

Seasonal ingredients are naturally full of nutrition

Seasonal vegetables and fish are abundant in nutritional value as well as naturally rich in flavor during this time. For the body, it is best to take meals from recipes that make the most from these ingredients that are in peak season. This delicious nutritional development will certainly be an irreplaceable gift for growing children.

Traditional Japanese cuisine is well-balanced and wonderfully healthy, there is even a phrase that describes this; "mago wa yasashii".

"ma " means "mame"(beans), "go" means "goma" (sesame), "wa" means "wakame" (seaweed), "ya" means "yasai"(vegetables), "sa" means "sakana" (fish), "shi" means "shiitake " (mushrooms) and "i" means "imo" (potato or sweet potato).According to our ancestors' wisdom, these nutrients are essential to the development of the brain and body. They form part of a traditional Japanese diet that we can digest and absorb without burdening the intestines. Taking these with fermented foods reduces the stress on children's body and leads to an improvement in the intestinal environment. Also, there is a theory that the intestinal environment up to 3 years of age not only affects the health of children's lifetime but also inherits to the next generation. We plan to think about the menu for the future of children based on this method "mago wa yasashii".

Taste enhances the five senses and the brain.

Children's tastes are stimulated and developed by the delicate flavours of nature. Furthermore, taste cultivates the five senses, encourages the development of the brain through enhanced awareness and imagination, and nurtures the richness of the heart. So we only use natural ingredients and never use chemical additives, chemical seasonings or preservatives sticks.


Only 100 lunch boxes a day

Each lunch box is carefully made by professional chefs as we believe that the "Time and effort" we put in brings out the excellent taste of the ingredients whilst making the children smile. Our mantra is to let every child enjoy the high freshness and the full taste of the ingredients and so for this reason we provide only 100 lunch boxes a day.

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