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Expert opinion

I want children to have more safe meals
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Mrs, Masako Takeshi

What we feed to children today will help to build their long term future.Mrs, Masako Takeshi / Organizer of cooking classes

Because children are made by what they eat.

"I want my child to have something nutritious and delicious"
This is probably the wish of all mothers.

Nutrition as used here refers to ingredients that make up a healthy body;
that help to adjust the condition of the mind and body and build immunity against sickness.
This can include vegetables grown in the sun and the natural earth,
rice grown independent of agricultural chemicals, safe soybeans,
as well as many traditional ingredients such as miso and soy sauce added without additives.

In the era of molecular biology,
it is proved that the importance of natural ingredients not supplemented with supplements
and that nutrition can only be ingested from food in the small intestine,
so it shows how important is the 3rd meal as small children.

Also, abstaining from additives such as chemical seasonings
that hinder the absorption of nutrition is now becoming common sense around the world
(incidentally, there are about 45 kinds of food additives approved by the EU,
about 100 kinds in the US,
470 kinds or more are used in Japan).

However, being conscious about foodstuffs, refraining from additives,
and carefully preparing meals can actually be quite difficult.
Every day that we are pressed for time, it is easy to rely on "quick & easy" cooking methods.

When mothers are too busy to be able to make a meal there is something I would like them to ask.
When purchasing lunch boxes, pre-packaged food and ready-to-eat meal,
please be sure to read the ingredients of raw materials on the package.

If it's possible to know what ingredients are being used and their origin,
if it is made with certain seasonings then it is acceptable, but unfortunately this is so hard to find.

This sentiment comes from my own reflection.
I have regrets that I repeatedly chose the wrong food, whether high-grade food material and marked safe or not.
I purchased from department's delicatessen and high-class restaurants' take-outs, but that came with plenty of additives.
Today, I fear that when my children reach 30 years old it will catch up with them!
I wish that I had made at least rice and miso soup by myself, as they cannot get back what they once put in the mouth.

Finally this time,
I would like to convey my sincere commitment as this project to provide children with natural healthy lunch boxes is a labor of love.
Why? Because I have been told that it is impossible for lunch boxes without additives in Japan.

From now on, please choose a lunch box made from genuine material that is beneficial for children and delivers a natural taste,
even if it means a little detour or a slightly higher price.

Today's little detour will be a reliable shortcut for your children's growth.

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