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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

For all dealings and enquiries where customers have requested information, we are required to record information, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address (referred to as "personal information") for the purpose of conducting the request.
We hold all personal information in accordance with the Law for the Protection of Computer-Processed Personal Data Held by Administrative Organs.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

About the use of personal information

  • Exchange of communication in carrying out business (telephone contact, mail transmission, etc.)
  • Contacting our service and information etc. related to customer's request
  • Follow-up service after a series of requested services

* If you cannot present personal information, we cannot offer any of the above.

About management of personal information

We are very strict to manage your information to ensure that third parties do not unfairly touch your personal information.
In addition, we erase your personal information if the specified purpose of use is achieved and you do not need a continuous service.

About disclosure of personal information

We do not disclose any personal information to third parties without consent of customers except in the following cases.
However, please note that statistical information and aggregate data that cannot identify an individual are excluded from this.

  • Disclosure to our affiliated groups and partner companies so that we may work together to smoothly perform the requested business.
    Even in this case, we do not exceed the above purpose of use, and we do not contact you directly from third parties without your consent.
  • A request from a court or a public agency such as the police, based on laws and ordinances.
  • In cases where there are special provisions in laws and ordinances.
  • We may not obtain your consent if there is a danger of damaging the life, body and property of customers and third parties.
  • We may not obtain consent of the person in cases where it is necessary to protect our rights, property or services from actions contrary to laws and ordinances and our terms of use / notes.

Enquiry and other confirmation

Please contact us from the enquiry form if you wish to modify / delete personal information after your enquiry.
We will correspond as soon as possible.

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