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What's New

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2022.12.09A seminar at the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management

On December 8th (Thursday), we gave a seminar at the Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation Matsushita Institute of Government and Management.
Thank you to everyone who came to visit us.

"Washoku ~ How to Raise Children Through Food Education ~"
I talked about the connection between food in early childhood and the cognitive functions of the brain, and five tastes.

2022.10.27Life BIORAL has started handling our frozen foods.

Life BIORAL has started handling our frozen foods

・4 kinds of side dish set
・Boiled silver cod
・Ginger-simmered sardines
・Mackerel simmered in miso
・Roasted Salmon with Salt
・Grilled red fish Saikyo
・Boiled saury with sleet
・Saury pickled in Nanban

2022.09.16 Notice of magazine publication

"Baby-mo"  2022 Autumn/Winter issue
Baby food for successful children where the nutrition of the baby period creates the "future" ,

our product "Natural Rausu kelp and dried bonito dashi pack" was introduced.

Thank you.

2022.07.07Kinokuniya has started

Kinokuniya Nagareyama Otakanomori S.C store has started handling our all-normal temperature products.

We would be grateful if you could pick it up and give it a try.

2022.06.20Started handling Easy All-Purpose "YasashiBanno sauce" at all Bio c bon stores

All of the organic supermarkets "Bio c Bon" from Paris have started handling our Easy All-Purpose "YasashiBanno sauce". It will be the Baby & Kids section. We would be grateful if you could pick it up and give it a try.



2020.10.01Received the Kids Design Award, Counsil Chairman's Award !


Received the Kids Design Award, Council Chairman's Award !



2020.08.214 kinds of frozen food side dishes set won the Kids Design Award!

The Kids Design Award is designed for children to live safely and with peace of mind so that the future of children will be sustainable and bright from a child's perspective. It is presented to excellent works that address social issues related to children and childrearing, such as products that "children grow up with sensitivity and creativity" and "create a society in which children can be brought up easily."

This time, four kinds of frozen food side dishes set on Kodomonoshokutaku were awarded in the category of "creating a society in which children can be raised and raised easily".

This 4 side dish set is excellent for children who have finished eating baby food, if they have rice and miso soup, they can eat it . There are two kind of main dishes, fish and meat, and you can complete the meal in 10 minutes by simply thawing for half a day in the freezer.

In the midst of raising children, I want children to be able to eat nutritious and light foods with peace of mind. But I can't afford it both in time and spirit.

I would be happy if you could utilize it at such times.





At Isetan Shinjuku Main Store,
We will hold a pop-up event for a limited time.
 Period: 7/15 (Wed) ~ 7/21 (Tue)
            10:00 AM-8:00 PM

 Isetan Shinjuku Main Store Main Building B2
 Beaty apothecary
 Meal corner (down the escalator to the right)
 *This is not the food corner on the first basement floor.
 This event is also planned for limited sale and advance sale of new products for Little kids table.
 In addition, we offer this novelty bag for those who purchase over 5,000 yen (excluding tax) at the store. 

 If you have any products you are interested in, please feel free to take a look.
 I look forward to seeing you all.





2019.12.09Featured on Fuji TV "Mezamashi TV"

Featured on Fuji TV "Mezamashi TV" as Japan's first frozen food for children.

2019.11.27First frozen food for children in Japan

2019.08.01Fuatured in The Mainichi Newspaper

2019.05.20We are challenging to crowdfunding for frozen development.

2019.01.22Collaboration with Usuki City"Honmamon Agricultural Produce"

2019.01.04magazine VERY

2018.10.01The site has opened


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