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Message from the founder

Message from the founder

I want to make children smile at the table.

My drive to start this project comes from my own experience as a mother.
I gave birth to my first child in my 30's having gone through my 20's completely caught up in my career.
It was only then that I realized just how difficult it is to raise a child;
every day I do household chores while taking care of my child and every day I am completely exhausted by the evening.
I became aware just how physically strong I needed to be, and my respect for all mothers who raise children grew immensely.

At one point during these hectic days,
I also had to content with my 2 year old daughter who did not eat vegetables at all.
I was trying not to use sugar or oil as much as possible, but I tended to cook quite heavy taste dishes without meaning to.
I really wanted her to eat Japanese foods that had original ingredients, but it was difficult to turn desire into reality.
"If she enjoys it then that's good enough for now" I would say, but deep down I felt frustrated.

It was around that time that I met Hanako Usui who supervises the lunchbox menu.
I was surprised that something as simple as her steamed carrots could be so sweet and delicious.
My daughter had never eaten vegetables before, but all of a sudden she could now eat half a large enamel pot of carrots.
It was totally amazing to see her so excited about eating vegetables.

I realized then that I was not getting the most from the ingredients I used and as a result my dishes lacked flavor.
Even with a little care and attention everything became so delicious.
I remember my daughter and I smiled at each other the first day I tried.

The key is to put in the time and effort required to bring out the seasonal flavor that is naturally contained with the ingredients.
And, of course eating happily while saying "it is delicious" with a smile!
Upon my newfound appreciation for this very simple thing,
and I realised that I wanted to share it with everyone who finds themselves in the same situation.
- This story is the beginning and now forms the foundation of my business.

It is quite difficult for mothers who are busy raising their children and working hard every day to also make healthy meals.
Perhaps, they feel a bit of guilty about giving children easy fast foods from the market? However, I do not want mothers to feel like that.

Our mission is, to help the busy mothers to feel relaxed and enjoy the time they can spend with their children
For example, if they could be freed from making just one meal a week,
they can instead focus that time on good conversation with their children.
And so it would be nice if there is a lunch box trusted to be packed with delicious and well selected seasonal ingredients on the table.
This would bring a big smile for mothers and their children and help to make their day a happy one.

We are very particular about the ingredients and seasoning we use in our lunch box,
so this food is suitable for children up to about 5 years old immediately after finishing baby food
(if possible, we recommend until lower elementary school students).
For children, this period is a very important for the growth of the brain and the basic strength of body.
Therefore, food habit is incredibly important.
Our aim is not only making healthy food for children, but also, to make the future of children brighter,
so we put all of our hope and hearts into making each lunch box.
As a result we are only able to produce a limited number every day.
I sincerely hope that leads to a lot of smiles as many as possible.

A mother's sincere feelings drive this project.
Thank you so much

Hiroko Gon
Hiroko Gon

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